Saturday, November 18, 2006


OK, Bec and I just got back from MusicOz in Sydney. It was a crazytrip. I feel like I have weeks of sleep to catch up on. We didn't win the 'Dance Track of The Year', but we did get into the final five and it was a great excuse to adventure to Sydney. On the night Bec was late.
Our award was first up and I was seated. Bec got there with Erin just in time and her makup was great. ;-p They like to put dance and urban first to get them out of the way for all the billions of rock catagories. 'Dance' I mean really, it's one name for heaps of styles. Anyway enough bitching.

Bec and I clasp each others hand firmly as the award was read out. It was great to hear out track in a big concert hall. The rest of the tracks were four on the floor (doof, doof) so our track stood out. When we didn't win (a Euro techno track won, quit trashy from what I heard) I felt a great relief. I had this terrible feeling that I wouldn't know what to say, first award and all. Time to party, and we did.

I have been looking at a new audio mixer from M-Audio, the NRV10. I always get asked by people to recommend a sound card or mixer. This seems like a great combination of both. It has in built effects that you can control from VST plugins and it runs on Firewire. I'll wait for the reviews. M-Audio generally make good sound cards but aren't known for their mixers. If it's software upgradeable it could be a winner.

I set up a friends new Dell laptop (6400). It was an Intel Core Duo running at 1.83Ghz with an 80gb HD, firewire, 4 x USB2 and a gig of ram. He payed AUD$1600 for it and got a free laptop bag and printer. Damn! It totally shat on my computer for speed and the internal sound chip was pretty decent (20ms latency). Only problem was that his new PCMCIA sound card wouldn't fit because it had the new PCIe interface.

Seems strange to end this lively post on such a geeky note. Hmm, on my long trips I have been listening to heaps of podcasts lately. Here are some of my favs:

If anyone has any others they can recommend then please leave a comment. I'm addicted.

Well, that me done for the mo. Life does not seem to be getting any simpler, but I'm not bored thats for sure.


Trilby of The Res

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