Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Debauched Post

80's Comedian's Are Cool

So if 80's Nintendo is Cocaine then the Nintendo Wii is definitely Extacy. It makes you dance around and get fit, grind your teeth in anxiety and stare at the pretty lights. I went to a Wii party (that name is SOoo! wrong) and we didn't really have time to drink or take drugs. We were too busy limbering up and preparing for the next round. The next day my arms were sore. How dare they try to make geeks fit, I mean really! I have to say it was also a bit trippy playing computer games with a 50/50 male female crowd. Half the time your watching the person jump around like an idiot. Yeah, and being an idiot is cool.

60's Porn is Cool

The thing I learnt from this educational movie is that 60's porn was kinda cool. It had a hip nonchalant beatnik vibe and the women were real. That's cool.



ps. Note to self, promise not to use the word cool in the next few posts.

pps. Note to reader, if you are looking for my new mixes go down two posts and click on the highlighted
HERE's in each paragraph.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Biz

I found these guys through a HipHop music production forum. They are really into new media business models. Here is an interview with some film producers that created a system to find out what cities wanted to see their movie. There is also a cool interview with MC Hammer (really!). click on the YouTube logo to go to the other 'Internet Celebrities' Vidcasts.

Now this is dope. Through my infinite search for rare loops I chatted on forums to LaiF, who has made his own video. It's brilliant, totally real and hell funky.

The artists are out there making it happen. The difference is that the media is not CDs and TV (that are controlled by the labels) it's the web. Get into it!

You can even GET an education at MIT for free. No excuses.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Productive producer kept unkempt!

It's funny. When I am doing heaps of great creative work I have less web presence because I don't have time to update websites and blogs. Well, today I still have heaps of projects to finish but I feel a need to exist (online). I have also been promising people a preview of some of the mixes I have been working on.

Simon Kelly is an up and coming acoustic songwriter that has a cool layered vocal tone and is up for some crazy studio experimentation. I like the idea of doing a DJ Shadow meets JoseGonzalez style track and so does he. Cool, huh?
First off I'm remixing a groove of his called 'Cloud On The Corner'. Note the unkempt look of the studio producer. HERE is a preview of the first track.

Jasmin and Frans are getting me to work on a studio album. As the core writers of the indi band Halogen they have a lot of song writing experience to bring to the table. It's great because they bring in complete songs with just vocals and layers of guitars. It makes my job a lot easier. Together we have a lot of creative power. We just have to decide how to use it (for good or evil). Jaz wanted a gay disco track, so I referenced pet Shop Boys and New Order and went for a indi guitar disco track. All the instrumental sounds are Frans's guitars through mad effects. The only synth is the sub bass (done on a secret synth I am beta testing for Andy at FXpansion-London). HERE is a demo mix of 'Terrible Romance'.

Balvinder Singh, David Scharpf & I have a big project with no name. We have written and produced at least an album worth of dubby jazzy tracks. We are now involving different vocalists in subtle ways. As well as producing, Bal plays and studies tabla and sitar. David is a jazz keys player from Vienna. Together we write very fast, we just have a bit of trouble completing the tracks because every time we get together we write new ones. HERE is a mix of a few of the more dubby deep house ones. We have some heavier breaks/dub tracks as well and a bit of D&B/HipHop. As I said we have trouble not writing. It's a groovy scene man.

If you are concerned about piracy then click these pic ->
We take our movie going seriously, damn it.


Finally, if you want some random tunes while you work check out this awesome site, tun3r. It's like a world radio. You just turn the dial and tune into Internet radio streams from all over the world. brilliant.

Ahh, it's 4:30am. I better sleep.