Sunday, December 31, 2006

The sound of touching

Ahh.. 2007

I'm excited! So is Eddie and Sig (left). I have so many plan for this year it's nearly daunting, but not quite. The excitement out ways the pressure. Jams with Indian muso Balvinder are going sweet, The Res has some great deals, I'm starting my business as a audio producer/multimedia guy. I have been asked to write music reviews. The trick it to do it all, just go for it and make it happen. Vibe is infectious. The more I do the more people will want to work with me. Definitley exciting times.

Now for some weird things I have found on the net.

This is a nice little music experiment. It's like a nicely written song that changes every time you listen to it. Interactive music.

This site is great. It's the site of a photo retouch artist to the stars (well, the black American ones). He obviously works for a magazine. It is insightful what is retouched and what is seen as attractive. The second one is hilarious, as you pass your mouse over the pic her ass increases in size. ha ha

Sorry, got carried away. obviously this is serious ass politics. ;-p

Here are 42 Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy games. See how randomly skilled you are at solving pointless random problems, fast.
click HERE

Last, but not least, some great live soul. OK, now I want a string section.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Foiled Again !

I'm still addicted to Digg. I will be getting into heaps of my own stuff soon and my blog will reflect this. I have been doing a business course so my creative projects have been on hold a bit. Now I'm raring to go!

This is the best practical joke. I love it. It's art and it's a prank that even the victim has to appreciate.

click the pic for more

Here is a photo of the sunset on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia. It had been a hot day (~38 degrees) and some random clouds rolled in, creating this great colour.

The new year hold many exciting adventures for me. I have begun work on some big gigs and am collaborating with some great musos. There could even be little international travel involved. I'll have to work hard, but now is the time. Things are falling into place quite nicely.

Happy New Year all.

Luv, Trilby

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do The Robot !

r . o . b . o . t

..and while we are watching incredible Hip-Hop teenagers:

Yolq4 Da Best In Estonia - video powered by Metacafe



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gooey Secrets

I have only just discovered this blog called PostSecrets. It's one of those brilliant simple ideas. The internet is a great place lateral ideas to grow as it has very few limits. PostSecrets has helped lots of young people feel a bond and an acceptance for their worries and quirks. It's nice because it helps you feel like your not the only one that does petty little things. This was created on blogger and now this guy has books and millions of regular reader.

I like a good looking user interface (if you know what I mean ;-). One that can be changed with the mood of the user that animates in an efficient and sexy way. You wouldn't want your eyes to get obese from all that eye candy, now would you.

This is an interface for Linux. It's like an add on that renders the desktop, adding 3D and physical properties that help the user relate to the processes they are controlling on the computer. The music is made with Commodore64s. So geek.

Hmm.. GUI

Last but not least here is some Christmas cheer from Peanuts (the comic) and Scrubs (The TV program). I used to read snoopy when I was little along with Footrot Flats. Maybe I had a comic dog fixation. Hmm... and yet!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


"If it's real, we believe in it" - The tag line of the open source religion 'Reality'. It's a religion created like a wiki. Anyone can change it. It evolves with time.

It's all very entertaining, but still has the flaw of most organized religions that everyone has to have the same beliefs. Everyone is different so this doesn't quite work for me. The vibe is right though. I need to read more to really comment. The concept is fun.

In a sense, open source is a religion in itself. A religion of giving. Giving information and knowledge. If you think of evolution and the idea that man is now evolving past his physical ability to change, using technology (eg. we can't remember everything so we write it in a book. Thus enhancing our memory abilities). This is a great gift to give, maybe the ultimate as it enables societies to form and develop. It also breaks down the power systems of multinational corporations. Hmm.. I'm getting a bit deep.

OK, something utterly frivolous and a bit grose.
Oh, so wrong. Warning! these are the hardcore shots, not the nice ones you may have seen. When Paris Hilton is telling you to keep your legs shut, you know you got problems:

I had better counter that with something cool.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across you mix - and it sounds like a record."

I have been beta testing a deceptively simple digital audio plugin for a mate in London working for big audio software company. It is a digital simulation of the bus compressor of a AU$500,000+ SSL mixing console. You can buy it separately in a rack module for AU$6000+. He has been putting it through it's paces and analyzing the way it manipulates sound, in a quest to recreate it in software. During these experiments last week he managed to blow it up. It's fucked. Next week the guys from SSL in the US are coming over to check his work to see if it gets the tick of approval. I have to say it is by far the best compression plugin I have tried. It does give things THAT sound. It really pumps. He said it doesn't sound 100% yet. Shit, if this is it sounding rough, I can't imagine what the final will sound like.


That about covers it.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Biz stuff and sneakers


I have begun business course that goes for a month. It's really quite hardcore. Actually it isn't, but I also have a million and one other things that I am doing. So going to a course from 9:30am-3:30pm weekdays and then homework is a bit much. Good practice for time management, but still intense. After the first week my sleep deficit is massive. The course is very inspiring though.

On more superficial matters (read: more interesting) here is a pic of my new limited edition K-Swiss sneakers I got in Sydney after a massive search. For more on the Sydney trip read the previous post below.

I have now set up a serious broadband audio link with my mate Micheal Pigneguy in Dubai. He went over there with his wife Anna and kids about three months ago. Anna is teaching music and Mike is setting up a composition studio and aiming to work on jobs from the UK. So, I have setup a cool broadband GoogleTalk system where I can control what goes to the listener on the other end. It's like being an online realtime DJ with effects. I'm hanging to have a go with the podcast. If they will let me. I chatted to Mike in Dubai and he was a bit spun out. I do need to get a better broadband service. I'm on 512kbps (about 60kb/second download) which is usable but my upload is only 128kbps (~15kb/second). It makes Skype/GoogleTalk calls dodgy and takes ages for me to send big files. With the OCAU podcast it took me nearly 1.5 hours to send all the files. Then there was an edit I had to make and thats another 1.5hrs. This is not very practical.

Back to my point. After chatting to MikeP and freaking him out with my mad DJ skills (;-p) I find that there is a big demand for people like me over there. Even though I do not speak the language. I like the idea of teaching and doing some audio production jobs for a 3 months hit and then coming back. Just little contracts. This would also fit into my business plan. Hmm.. contemplation. Of course I would have to find time and sync with other Res stuff. My initial biz plan is to do international projects from Australia, online. Ahh, it's all a concept.

Here is the latest incarnation of the Res logo I did for the Sydney demo. It looks hot on the CD.

Cheers, Comments welcome.

Trilby of The Res

Saturday, November 18, 2006


OK, Bec and I just got back from MusicOz in Sydney. It was a crazytrip. I feel like I have weeks of sleep to catch up on. We didn't win the 'Dance Track of The Year', but we did get into the final five and it was a great excuse to adventure to Sydney. On the night Bec was late.
Our award was first up and I was seated. Bec got there with Erin just in time and her makup was great. ;-p They like to put dance and urban first to get them out of the way for all the billions of rock catagories. 'Dance' I mean really, it's one name for heaps of styles. Anyway enough bitching.

Bec and I clasp each others hand firmly as the award was read out. It was great to hear out track in a big concert hall. The rest of the tracks were four on the floor (doof, doof) so our track stood out. When we didn't win (a Euro techno track won, quit trashy from what I heard) I felt a great relief. I had this terrible feeling that I wouldn't know what to say, first award and all. Time to party, and we did.

I have been looking at a new audio mixer from M-Audio, the NRV10. I always get asked by people to recommend a sound card or mixer. This seems like a great combination of both. It has in built effects that you can control from VST plugins and it runs on Firewire. I'll wait for the reviews. M-Audio generally make good sound cards but aren't known for their mixers. If it's software upgradeable it could be a winner.

I set up a friends new Dell laptop (6400). It was an Intel Core Duo running at 1.83Ghz with an 80gb HD, firewire, 4 x USB2 and a gig of ram. He payed AUD$1600 for it and got a free laptop bag and printer. Damn! It totally shat on my computer for speed and the internal sound chip was pretty decent (20ms latency). Only problem was that his new PCMCIA sound card wouldn't fit because it had the new PCIe interface.

Seems strange to end this lively post on such a geeky note. Hmm, on my long trips I have been listening to heaps of podcasts lately. Here are some of my favs:

If anyone has any others they can recommend then please leave a comment. I'm addicted.

Well, that me done for the mo. Life does not seem to be getting any simpler, but I'm not bored thats for sure.


Trilby of The Res

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sydney Pt.1

Trilby and Bec's Sydney adventures. Part 1.

Bec and I madly ventured to Sydney for the MusicOz awards in Sydney. We are in the finals of the dance catagory. It's like the Arias for unsigned acts. I have been walking a lot (did Oxford Street) and meeting heaps of friends I havn't seen for ages. the awards are tomorrow night. I think that deserves a post of it's own. Let the phone photos begin.

Hmm.. wing. Thats what I call inflight entertainment.

We arrive in Sydney. Bec is the troupadore with her guitar. Her man servant Marcel carries her bags. ;-p

Marcel and Bec at the D&BBQ gig (I think?). Not sure what's hapening in this pic. I like to think Bec is sending vibrating SMS's to Marcel's pants, but the truth is not so funky. Leanne really wanted to be there and was SMSing us every three minutes. If that happens at the awards I'm spamming her (lots of Viagra for Li).

Film producer Ben, Becenfurter and I later in the night. I really should have made a stupider expression. I didn't realize the proposed stupid level for this shot. Next time we have to do meetings, ok, Bec.

IKEA models . . Beque and Benjua

OK, enough pics of Bec. Here is the Death Star of mobile towers. It's big, it's badass and it can blow up planets (I think). Woah, I have a bit of a headache..

I caught up with Trilby girl (Trilby Glover). She's so pretty. She just got a part in a sitcom with Melinda Messer from 'Will & Grace'. You go girl! Her cool boyfriend Paul is in the band 'Minder'. They have a Placebo/ thing going on. Great sounds.. and yes, Paul Trilby girl played me your old demo and I liked it. So Ner! You rock! We will talk.

Ya, I know. another shot of me with a gal. This gal happens to be one of my best buddies that havn't seen for ages (since she moved to Sydney, funnily enough). It's my distant cousin Britt. We unsuccessfuly went shoe shopping for some classy sneakers for me (I'm such a sneaker snob). Basically, they have some serious gourmet sneakers but they never get the rare ones in my size 13. (I'm talkin' carbon fibre, wood panelling, patent leather, emboidered...). So close, yet so far.
Last of all a pic of a cool dark red vase from my dear aunt Katherines beautiful house. She has taste, I must say. This is where I am staying from Sunday to Wednesday. I stayed at my beautiful friend Tanas place on Saturday.

The next part of the Sydney report will be done from Perth. The MusicOz awards are tomorrow night. I'm hoping my bro Kav will give me a few labels to visit tomorrow and I'll get all these cool demos out to some reputable individuals. Oh, and I hope we win of course.

Last but not least, here is a special treat. You can download our Sydney demo from this link:

It's a AAC/MP4 file (iTunes...) you can go to to get a player/converter or use iTunes or Quicktime to play it.

Sydney Trilby, OUT!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wow, what a week.

First up my band The Res got into the finals of the OzMusic awards and asked to Sydeny. Nice. My Brother Kav's band Eskimo Joe won the Aria for the best song of the year (basically the most popular song in Australia) for their tracks 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine'. Then my girl Sigrid found out her grandmother is in a coma so she left for Austria with one days notice. Full on.

I finally finished the 'Hz to Oz' track for Killamatic and his Belgian rapper crew. It sounds pretty great, very hooky.

Here are a bunch of my favourite shots from my phone. The WAMi song of the year awards that we were nominated for but didn't win. The opening of the Crush clothing store with hot model/dancers working it in underwear. Angel at the Crush opening. A shot of Georgia dressed as a Russian bride for the Moscow Disco party (she is now in Seattle). My crazy hot friend Brooke dressed as a Vampiros Lesbos. a beautiful friend of a friend and some random shots of Perth in the sun... and yes I like beautiful women. Luckily they are all my friends.

Damn, it's 4am. It's been a bit like that lately. Oh, well. Mix done and blog updated. Now sleep

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And it goes a little something like this...

I'm crazy busy and havn't posted for a week or so. Here is an avalanche of stuff in my head.

I have been really digging all this HDR photography that's happening at the moment. It's a simple and fascinating technique that has only been possible with computers. Basically you take a few photos of something still at different apature settings then the computer makes one photo of them. This way you have extreme detail in all the colour range. No areas burn out. it's the opposite of HDR in computer games, even though it ends up looking a bit like computer graphics or a painting.

I have put a little collage together on some pics and here is the flickr pool of images. Awsome.

I recently got interviewed for an article by Paul Lokyer. he was investigating the influences of 80's music on todays music. If he wanted me to reinforce his ideas I think he asked the wrong man. He's a good friend so I'm sure he can hack it. And it goes a little something like this, HIT IT!:

Q1. Worldwide there's quite a few so-called '80s revivalist Bands' enjoying success eg. 'The Killers', 'The Bravery', Interpol'. 'Franz Ferdinand'. Which local performers do you think most wear their 80s influences on their sleeves?

1. Obviously my brothers band, Eskimo Joe. I hear 'Great southern Land' in 'Black fingernails, red wine' and the theme to '
Neverending Story' in 'Sarah'. I think they have done something interesting with it, but I'm biased. The new 'Little Birdy' album is very 80's, but I think the 80's flashback was first obvious in the electro scene. Bands like Scissor Sisters and Electric Six. the style is called electro clash. A lot of guys like Mylo and Moby began sampling 80's stuff a few years ago. I don't think it's very interesting to do it now. I'm disappointed with Little birdy for taking that predictable route. At least it doesn't sound like the Beatles (Hello!, Jet's new album). Now that has been done to death.

Q2. Whats your take on the effects the 80s have had, and continue to have on the local music scene- the influences you see in a) original live and recorded music, and b) electronic and dance-samples, remixes etc?

2. I think the rehashed 80's sound is part of the whole flippant Paris Hilton cultural trend. Everything got so deep and new age for a while. Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley were committing suicide. Wars were going on but no one was allowed to protest. What the fuck can people do. Well they said "what the fuck!". That's the attitude. It's a rebellion against giving a shit. I don't think the 80's had an effect on modern music. Modern music just sampled it. It was useful to express something. that's sampling. You grab from anywhere that gives you what you need to express what you want to say.

Q3. Current House mix's are borrowing fairly heavily from that era, whats the level of 80s influence you observe in today's D&B, and why?

3. There is a bit of an influence in D&B but not much. People like Jon B and bits of pendulum, but it's not a popular trend. Drum and Bass seems to be it's own culture. It is one of the rare styles that has not originated from the US. It is a pure Jamaican influenced English culture. It is culturally strong, it's trends are internal. Well that's my opinion.

What are the factors that you see are behind the current resurgence of interest in music from the 80s ?

4. Again, I don't think people are listening to music from the 80's, they are sampling from it, which is totally different. It's like wearing flares now and wearing them in the 60's. In the 60's they were rebellious and anarchistic. long hair and crazy flairs said something dramatic (originally before they were POPed), now they are just kitch and purely functional style. You use them as a sixties reference, to give a slight 60's vibe. They are a bit of a style joke. It's the same with 80's samples, it's a light hearted musical joke, a playfulness and a technique of using a bit of that 80's throwaway vibe. Who gives a fuq lets do coke and drink champers (or at least act like we just did).

Q5. Personally, what effects have that decade of music had on you in a creative sense ?

5. My early teen years were in the 80's so it was a big time. I was into
INXS, Eurythmics, Dire Straits, The Cars... I'm not name dropping, I actually had the vinyl as a kid. I had to find decent groovy music with only 96FM to listen to. Eventually I got some mix tapes and heard some real shit (as in good). Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, Bomb The bass, Cold Cut, Chicago Jack Tracks and acid house. These things were my music. I remember going to the music teacher in high school and playing her some house and saying this will be the music of the future. She hated it and said I didn't know what I was talking about. I hope she remembers me saying that (I doubt it). Music is better now. I fucking love it.

End of questions.

On that note...

This has got to be the coolest online flash thingy ever. I was amazed at how much I frick'n loved it. You will need some serious broadband action to even run it but, it's worth it. Beatbox is the best! Boyee!

I'll get some new music projects up soon, promise.

Trilby of The Res

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finding Space

Ok I'm a Digg whore, but this is cool:
Just click the pic to play.

I like simple Zen like games like this. they're great in between complex creative projects (music and graphics jobs). It helps to generate new ideas and get perspective.

I normally cycle or hang with friends. It's good to have some kind of meditation that gets you away from your thoughts. This is one reason I like cycling. I ride through the city, if I lose concentration then I get hit by a car (and it hurts, trust me). That's what I call incentive, it seems to make me focus.

I am currently working on some corporate ID for composer Michael Pignéguy working in the Arab Emirates I'm trying to go for a hip corporate look. He is composing for orchestra.

I like to start with the business cards then go from there. I will also be developing a website. An interesting thing, you can't get MySpace in Arab Emirates There is some crazy Big Brother shit going on over there.

The Res has a heap of stuff happening in November. Our new manager Jeremy Balius is kickin' it into gear.

Ahh, busy drillbit

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Bond I expect you to PARTY!

Crazy times indeed. I don't know where to start.

OK, my band website The Resonance Online has had a sweet upgrade. I went for a lighter style. The design seems a little controversial. The low contrast is a matter for contention, so is the strangely flashing pics. I feel quite good about it. I intend to to add some more new technology, like a bit of flash for the photos page and some underlying technology. Broadband is sweet.

I finally got my new Sony-Ericsson K800i mobile phone and have been going a bit photo crazy with the decent quality 3.2mega pixel camera. The recent Res gig at Kazino Royale gave me a few good targets. I haven't sorted the email checking ability of the phone, but I'm digging the MP3/AAC/Video player. I even have our last gig as a video on my phone, geeky, geek, geeek!

Piotre took some groovy photos of the James Bond themed gig too you can check them out on the photo page of the Res site.

Poor Bec (Res Singer) hurt her neck with all the post gig partying and had to cancel her gig with her other outfit Brash & Sassy. So good healing vibes to Bec.

Our new manager/collaborator Jeremy Balius and I have been kicking it into gear with lots of plans of world domination. The Internet has really thrown a spanner into the works for the music industry. So we are getting into some crazy ideas. We are going to do a few bootlegs for DJs to get some vibe, continue to increase our online presents and book some gigs for the Australian summer festival season. Jeremy has written a great press release of immense silliness that is sure to get some attention.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

So fresh and so clean

I have begun redesigning the Res site. The previous site is dark and a bit plain. I wanted to add some spice to it, give it a bit more weirdness and interaction and just express that things are happening. the MySpace page is now linked on the top. The background and content on MySpace will also get an update (I use the same background). I will have to get my web tech, Brett to help a bit, but it should come out sweet. Here is a preview. It'll be up soon..

Click to enlarge. The pics will be washed out, then will be properly visible when you pass you mouse over them. I have kept a few of the previous elements for continuity. I would love some feedback, so comment away.

MC Killamatic from the Belgian Rap crew Hz Family has been jamming in the Res studio. We should finally have some grooves done for his European release in the next week or so. MC Optamus from Downside should be adding to a Belgian/Aussie collab. I have a little mix of some of the pre-production rough ideas so you can get an idea. It includes a little bit of our 'Live&Let Die' bond theme for the Semikazi gig on the weekend. We hope to record this properly soon with jono's vocals. Here's the mix


These grooves are quite a bit different to other Res tracks. Check the Res website link on the right for an idea of some lush Res music. Working on some tough boyish rap tracks has been fun and indulgent. A bit of a flashback to ARG days. He he ;-)

While on the James Bond fixation, you must see the new Bond trailer. Core blimey, Eva Green is hot.

More music and links soon, check the Res site for more too..


Thursday, August 31, 2006

MakE aRt Or DIE!

Yeah get creative!

Here is something to get you started (click pic):

A strange thing happened. I was entering my Apra performances into their website, it takes ages but it gives me a nice perspective of work done and a bit of dosh. Here's the weird bit; normally at this time of the there are no payments. I looked at my reports and there was a $300 deposit from the US Apra for a track I wrote eight years ago. Now that I'm getting serious online it made me think about investing more time into publishing, soundtracks. kinda boring, but cool.

I am now the producer/editor of the OCAU podcast. This will enable me to hone my skills and develop a style. It's great to be involved in such an alive web community. I'm working on a new theme for their games reviews. with heaps of old school C64 and Nintendo sounds. Great fun.

On a slightly personal note, my girlfriend, Sig has extended her contract as a doctor in Perth. This is really cool. I like the idea of getting my stuff together enough to do some gigs or wk in Europe (she is Austrian) by the time she has to leave. I have so many friends over there. Hi to Torb, Andy, Geza, Brian, Marty, Tanya & Lucas, Michaela..heaps of really good friends.

I'm still waiting for MC Optamus (Scott from Downside) to get his rap together for this collab with MC Killermatic. My D&B remix is phat and heavy. We are also working on a new groove. We are using heaps of geek tech terms and making them cool, taking them out of context. I'm cutting up the beats and bleeps in sync with the rap. It's all in the details.

I'll have to work out how to post up audio, so you can check the works in progress.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

p o d c a s t a b l a

More things are coming into place.

I have begun putting the OverclockersAustralia podcast together, working as their producer. This will enable them to get down to podcasting and give me a popular space to try out different sound ideas. I have already used some convolution reverb and spacialization to create a natural space (even though they in different parts of the country). I chose the Birdland Jazz Bar in New York as the OCAU space. In the future I may try backing music, new stings and themes and sound FX. The OverclockersAus crew seems to be getting more global. With the use of Skype people from all over the world are being involved in the show, live. It's definitely a new era. No satelite bullshit here. My latest edition18 should be here under podcast:

Balvinder Singh is a tabla/sitar player and producer that I have begun collaborating with. We plan on creating instrumental dub tracks, then getting a night together to play them. It's exciting stuff and we really connected on the type of things we wanted to do. I am excited to learn his perspective on writing rhythms and structuring tracks. He's cruisy, this should be fun. Check him out here:

I have also begun talks with a music manager dude. Again we seem to be on the same page with what we want and where we want to go. He is a big fan of the Res and sees lots of untapped potential. He has begun working on the website and bio. We are going to get a solid design style and look that truely represents the music. He was also excited about the Dub ideas with Balviner. more on him soon..

peace, out


Monday, August 21, 2006

Dub Trip

I had a meeting with video director Joachim Strand. We got all caffinated and brainstormed like the wind. We are definitely heading in the same direction. He asked me to give him some feedback on the video he is currently doing. It's great stuff, excellent shapes. Here are some screen shots from his DVD demo (above). For more info check his sites:

Joachim's Blog
Joachim's Website

I also had a meeting with the people organising a gig at a new stylish club/bar called the Manor. I think we are going with a dubby eclectic feeling. So club style, but dope. The Res will be headlining some time in late September. VJzoo will be doing some VJing. It should be a trip. I might try and get Maarten the Belgian rapper (MC Killomatic) to do his track. The remix is sounding great.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Convergence Device, that's me.

Well, a few things have started to click together. I have put out the vibe to collaborate with other artists and I have had a bit too much success. Thankfully things have started to gel. I'm not sure if it will all happen, but I have a lot of enthusiasm from all involved. The concept started as a dance performance with Flutterby Productions. I would be composing music with the choreographer so the msuic seemed to come from the movements of the dancers (basically). Then I bumped into a reputable photographer who said he was wanting to shoot some moving bodies. Then a video producer said he wanted to do a video with me. So now I am trying to integrate all these into one. It could be wickid. A live dance performance with great lighting, being filmed professionally and shot pro with my music as a soundtrack to great passionate dance. It's a concept.

Here is a classic photo from my previous band the Audio Response Group (ARG). Res guitarist Paul Hines (Bass in ARG), guitarist Steve Hearne, Singer Devon Plumley and me. This shot would have been from about 2003, I think.

I have been trying to work out what this blog should be. I don't want to winge or dwell on sad thing. I want a space where I can jam my ideas. A perspective of where I'm at. Something I can look back on and get a big picture. A place where my inspiration hangs out. We will see.

Cheers. T

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mentally Extroverted

While I'm in the zone I thought I would add a new post. I have been awed by the effects of net communication in the last few days. It is enabling so many people to expand their lives in ways that until now have not been possible. Even if they are physicall introverted. A great example of this is geriatric1927's YouTube vidcast he posted this week about his life:

This is a good intro:

This one is a little more interesting and he mentions a Trilby hat. WooHoo:

I also find it fascinating how people can just randomly check out you blog or MySpace and get in touch with you. Like the Chillian girl who contacted me from the first post or the bands that relate to the music I do and send messages. I have had people requesting tours in their countries. It's a great mad world.

Here are my two fav designs for my new business cards. Also, it sound like the poster I did for the Semikazi gig (see previous post) is being made into postcards. So I may just post out a few out.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

i n t r o

Evening and welcome to the start of my blog. I am producing so many things a the moment that I thought I would link them all together here at my own little blog. I'm doing this through Google's Blogger because it links in with my gmail account and Picasa (great image viewer). This makes eveything easier.

I just took a cool Batman like shot with my phone (see left). I will try to post more eclectic pics from my life. Here is my photo album. Check it out and please leave comments.

To start here is a list of the projects I am involved in at the mo:

* The Resonance - the group, the ma
in source. Checkout our website and our MySpace . I try to check MySpace once a week. so feel free to drop us a line, have a listen and add us as a buddy. The Res's next gig is Sept16th a the Swan Basement in Fremantle W.Australia.

* Collab with The
Flutterby Dance Company. Ellen and I are working on the music and choreography for a piece. I hope to perform it with a decent PA system with serious subs. I want the audience to feel the movements through the subs.

* Currently doing a bit of production with a Belgian MC Killamatic. I can't find the link, but I'll put it up when I do. It's serious gangster rap in a Belgian styel (a bit of French and Dutch as well as English.

* Some of The Res music is being used by VJzoo on some of their projects.

* I am involved in a few Podcasts and Vidcasts that you can download for your MP3 player video player. The Overclocker Australia podcast theme at I am also collaboating on a video podcast being developed by TheTron of OCAU forum fame. Here is the site under development

* Also, I'm helping design and organize the Semikazi gig 'Kazino Royale' a bond themed gig on the 16th at the Swan Basement. Here is the poster I have done. The Res will be performing a heavy breaks version of Paul McCartney's 'Live & Let Die'. It rocks.

Ahh, there is more stuff, but those are the major projects in full swing. I will probably remember something majorly important that I forgot. Feel free to leave comments and point me to your own blogs.



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Aug 1, 2006 - 26 Photos