Friday, November 21, 2008

Down South, Up North, I'm everywhere.

My January is coming together nicely. Firstly I'm DJ'ing at Southbound from the 2nd till 4th, doing a groovy, dubby, souly set (settee). My DJ name is 'Trilby Of The Cloud'. I need a logo with a cloud wearing a Trilby hat. Might make a t-shirt, he heh.

Next I have a Cloud Kollektiv gig at Kulcha on the 1oth. I still have to get a crew together for that one. I have the core but I need a keys player and maybe some more vocals. Samanta Ray gets back from touring Europe, and it sounds like she is on fire and inspired.

After that I think I'm heading to the outback to teach aboriginal communities to write hip-hop with MC Joe Black. That should be an adventure. It's like Chuck D and Flava Flav on the road. I suppose it's the musician equivalent of working the mines up north.

Here are some shots from Sig's great Canon400D camera of the recent Redbull Air Race over the Swan River in Perth followed by the Northbridge Festival.

Before David Scharpf heads back to Austria we are doing a remix of this track by Jazzanova featuring Ben Westbeach. Our version is a more dubby jazz affair. More info soon.

I'm researching photo styles for a shoot She Selexx are doing. Some of this photography is insane. Click the pic for more...
Oh, no! Monty Python now have a YouTube channel. Well, there goes my afternoon.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reaction Finale

Here is another piece David Scharpf and I wrote from the last Visible Dance piece 'Reaction'. It make me feel a bit proud, I have to say. The next work will be in early December, keep your eyes peeled for details in the next few days. Check HERE for details.

Also, HERE is the Visible Dance Facebook, page if you want to be informed of the latest news.