Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kollektiv builds

The next Cloud Kollektiv gig is getting pretty exciting. We have some great musicians:

Samanta Ray singing along with
Simon Kelly also doing some dub guitar,
Paul Hines plays classical guitar,
Adam on electronic sax and of course
Jeremy Balius doing some beatnic poetry
Bal on percussion, sarangi and other ethnic instruments.
David Scharpf on keys and
I am doing beats, synths and DJing in a very musical way.

Each one of our gigs is very different and has a different lineup. I am trying to organize to record this gig somehow. I am sad that we didn't capture any of the gigs with Cle, hopefully we will get her on tape live.

Elephants are cool

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Woah, things are getting crazy

As a samplist the implications of this kind of technology are massive. Click HERE for a cooler video from Sonicstate.

20 Biggest Record Company Screw-Ups of All Time
Anyone who has any links to the music industry should read the above article.

Inventor of the record, Edison hated jazz: “I always play jazz records backwards,” he sniffed. “They sound better that way". His label soon went out of business in 1929.


Also, Frans Bisschops has an exhibition of his work in a month or so. He is one third of the band I'm in called She Selexx. To see some of his paintings click HERE

Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is important

The world is changing for the better. There is an overall awareness that is being formed via the internet. This video shows how the US communication companies could once again destroy the freedom we are creating. In Australia we have seen similar behaviour from Telstra.
A new technology needs to be created that bypasses the telcos. This may seem nerdy and frivolous, but it's not. Third world countries are being empowered by the internet. Brilliant small bands are being recognised globally without any major label interference, via the web. Peoples voices are being heard. This is important.

Righteous Trilby!

Monday, March 03, 2008


I saw this when I was writing music in London ten years ago. It's a promo for the BBC. It got me all emotional and proud of the world. aww..