Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And it goes a little something like this...

I'm crazy busy and havn't posted for a week or so. Here is an avalanche of stuff in my head.

I have been really digging all this HDR photography that's happening at the moment. It's a simple and fascinating technique that has only been possible with computers. Basically you take a few photos of something still at different apature settings then the computer makes one photo of them. This way you have extreme detail in all the colour range. No areas burn out. it's the opposite of HDR in computer games, even though it ends up looking a bit like computer graphics or a painting.

I have put a little collage together on some pics and here is the flickr pool of images. Awsome.

I recently got interviewed for an article by Paul Lokyer. he was investigating the influences of 80's music on todays music. If he wanted me to reinforce his ideas I think he asked the wrong man. He's a good friend so I'm sure he can hack it. And it goes a little something like this, HIT IT!:

Q1. Worldwide there's quite a few so-called '80s revivalist Bands' enjoying success eg. 'The Killers', 'The Bravery', Interpol'. 'Franz Ferdinand'. Which local performers do you think most wear their 80s influences on their sleeves?

1. Obviously my brothers band, Eskimo Joe. I hear 'Great southern Land' in 'Black fingernails, red wine' and the theme to '
Neverending Story' in 'Sarah'. I think they have done something interesting with it, but I'm biased. The new 'Little Birdy' album is very 80's, but I think the 80's flashback was first obvious in the electro scene. Bands like Scissor Sisters and Electric Six. the style is called electro clash. A lot of guys like Mylo and Moby began sampling 80's stuff a few years ago. I don't think it's very interesting to do it now. I'm disappointed with Little birdy for taking that predictable route. At least it doesn't sound like the Beatles (Hello!, Jet's new album). Now that has been done to death.

Q2. Whats your take on the effects the 80s have had, and continue to have on the local music scene- the influences you see in a) original live and recorded music, and b) electronic and dance-samples, remixes etc?

2. I think the rehashed 80's sound is part of the whole flippant Paris Hilton cultural trend. Everything got so deep and new age for a while. Kurt Cobain, Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley were committing suicide. Wars were going on but no one was allowed to protest. What the fuck can people do. Well they said "what the fuck!". That's the attitude. It's a rebellion against giving a shit. I don't think the 80's had an effect on modern music. Modern music just sampled it. It was useful to express something. that's sampling. You grab from anywhere that gives you what you need to express what you want to say.

Q3. Current House mix's are borrowing fairly heavily from that era, whats the level of 80s influence you observe in today's D&B, and why?

3. There is a bit of an influence in D&B but not much. People like Jon B and bits of pendulum, but it's not a popular trend. Drum and Bass seems to be it's own culture. It is one of the rare styles that has not originated from the US. It is a pure Jamaican influenced English culture. It is culturally strong, it's trends are internal. Well that's my opinion.

What are the factors that you see are behind the current resurgence of interest in music from the 80s ?

4. Again, I don't think people are listening to music from the 80's, they are sampling from it, which is totally different. It's like wearing flares now and wearing them in the 60's. In the 60's they were rebellious and anarchistic. long hair and crazy flairs said something dramatic (originally before they were POPed), now they are just kitch and purely functional style. You use them as a sixties reference, to give a slight 60's vibe. They are a bit of a style joke. It's the same with 80's samples, it's a light hearted musical joke, a playfulness and a technique of using a bit of that 80's throwaway vibe. Who gives a fuq lets do coke and drink champers (or at least act like we just did).

Q5. Personally, what effects have that decade of music had on you in a creative sense ?

5. My early teen years were in the 80's so it was a big time. I was into
INXS, Eurythmics, Dire Straits, The Cars... I'm not name dropping, I actually had the vinyl as a kid. I had to find decent groovy music with only 96FM to listen to. Eventually I got some mix tapes and heard some real shit (as in good). Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, Bomb The bass, Cold Cut, Chicago Jack Tracks and acid house. These things were my music. I remember going to the music teacher in high school and playing her some house and saying this will be the music of the future. She hated it and said I didn't know what I was talking about. I hope she remembers me saying that (I doubt it). Music is better now. I fucking love it.

End of questions.

On that note...

This has got to be the coolest online flash thingy ever. I was amazed at how much I frick'n loved it. You will need some serious broadband action to even run it but, it's worth it. Beatbox is the best! Boyee!

I'll get some new music projects up soon, promise.

Trilby of The Res

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finding Space

Ok I'm a Digg whore, but this is cool:
Just click the pic to play.

I like simple Zen like games like this. they're great in between complex creative projects (music and graphics jobs). It helps to generate new ideas and get perspective.

I normally cycle or hang with friends. It's good to have some kind of meditation that gets you away from your thoughts. This is one reason I like cycling. I ride through the city, if I lose concentration then I get hit by a car (and it hurts, trust me). That's what I call incentive, it seems to make me focus.

I am currently working on some corporate ID for composer Michael Pignéguy working in the Arab Emirates I'm trying to go for a hip corporate look. He is composing for orchestra.

I like to start with the business cards then go from there. I will also be developing a website. An interesting thing, you can't get MySpace in Arab Emirates There is some crazy Big Brother shit going on over there.

The Res has a heap of stuff happening in November. Our new manager Jeremy Balius is kickin' it into gear.

Ahh, busy drillbit