Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The soundtrack is my life

It's soundtracks week for me.

● I have been commissioned to mix an ambient piece with Mel Robinson (Cello) and Steve Richter.

She Selexx has been asked to build a soundtracks for a dance company. MORE INFO

She Selexx track 'We Go Out In The Summer' has had interest from US TV for soundtracks.

I also did an all-nighter to do this remix for the ABC classical opera remix competition. It was quite fun. You can download the MP3 and have a listen.

HERE is an MP3 of my 'Orpheus' remix. Click the pic for more info on the competition. I'm not sure who has won.

Cloud Kollektiv have a gig on Saturday the 5th of April at Kulcha in Fremantle.

I will also have a birthday gig on Thursday the 1st of May at the Velvet Lounge with Deuce records. I'm not sure which of my bands will play, maybe all of them.


Cloud Kollektiv have got all three of our tracks into the national radio station Triple J's UnEarthed competition dance top 10. Our track 'Free Love' has regular rotation. 'Soaked' - ft. Cle' is 4th, 'Weight Of The World' ft.JonoMcNeil is 7th and 'Free Love' is 8th.
For more info and to have a listen click HERE

To hear us on the radio download THIS MP3 of the UnEarthed radio show. More info here

See the Cloud Kollektiv play on April the 5th at Kulcha in Fremantle.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Keyboard Technique

I just played the Good Vibrations Festival with She Selexx. It was pretty massive. We were videoed in HiDef and shown on some massive screens as well as getting on channel 9 News. We played the new tracks well, but had a bit of a hard time rocking out as the foldback was a bit quiet. People said we sounded great. A decent first gig for She Selexx, methinks.This video from the 80's cracked me up. Talk about keyboard technique. Sun Ra is the man ;)

HERE is an bloody great article about Australian culture (I use this term loosely). Anyway it's bloody funny. If your not from Oz you should give it a squiz, mate.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breakdancing Nu School

Damn this is bad ass power breakin'

If you need more of more of this dance crack, watch THIS. It will blow your mind.

I'm playing two big gigs in the next week.

SheSelexx plays the outdoor festival 'Good Vibrations' with Kanye West, Cypress Hill, Thievery Corp, High Contrast, Pharoahe Monch, Katalyst...

Cloud Kollektiv play The WAMi festival spectacular the week after. It's a strategic jam session with guests: vocalist Cle, percussionist Arun and guitarist/singer Simon Kelly. It will be a deep dubbed out psychedelic jazz session. It's another outdoor gig we are on at 4pm in the Russel Sqr park in Nth Bridge, Perth on Saturday, Febuary the 23rd.