Thursday, August 31, 2006

MakE aRt Or DIE!

Yeah get creative!

Here is something to get you started (click pic):

A strange thing happened. I was entering my Apra performances into their website, it takes ages but it gives me a nice perspective of work done and a bit of dosh. Here's the weird bit; normally at this time of the there are no payments. I looked at my reports and there was a $300 deposit from the US Apra for a track I wrote eight years ago. Now that I'm getting serious online it made me think about investing more time into publishing, soundtracks. kinda boring, but cool.

I am now the producer/editor of the OCAU podcast. This will enable me to hone my skills and develop a style. It's great to be involved in such an alive web community. I'm working on a new theme for their games reviews. with heaps of old school C64 and Nintendo sounds. Great fun.

On a slightly personal note, my girlfriend, Sig has extended her contract as a doctor in Perth. This is really cool. I like the idea of getting my stuff together enough to do some gigs or wk in Europe (she is Austrian) by the time she has to leave. I have so many friends over there. Hi to Torb, Andy, Geza, Brian, Marty, Tanya & Lucas, Michaela..heaps of really good friends.

I'm still waiting for MC Optamus (Scott from Downside) to get his rap together for this collab with MC Killermatic. My D&B remix is phat and heavy. We are also working on a new groove. We are using heaps of geek tech terms and making them cool, taking them out of context. I'm cutting up the beats and bleeps in sync with the rap. It's all in the details.

I'll have to work out how to post up audio, so you can check the works in progress.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

p o d c a s t a b l a

More things are coming into place.

I have begun putting the OverclockersAustralia podcast together, working as their producer. This will enable them to get down to podcasting and give me a popular space to try out different sound ideas. I have already used some convolution reverb and spacialization to create a natural space (even though they in different parts of the country). I chose the Birdland Jazz Bar in New York as the OCAU space. In the future I may try backing music, new stings and themes and sound FX. The OverclockersAus crew seems to be getting more global. With the use of Skype people from all over the world are being involved in the show, live. It's definitely a new era. No satelite bullshit here. My latest edition18 should be here under podcast:

Balvinder Singh is a tabla/sitar player and producer that I have begun collaborating with. We plan on creating instrumental dub tracks, then getting a night together to play them. It's exciting stuff and we really connected on the type of things we wanted to do. I am excited to learn his perspective on writing rhythms and structuring tracks. He's cruisy, this should be fun. Check him out here:

I have also begun talks with a music manager dude. Again we seem to be on the same page with what we want and where we want to go. He is a big fan of the Res and sees lots of untapped potential. He has begun working on the website and bio. We are going to get a solid design style and look that truely represents the music. He was also excited about the Dub ideas with Balviner. more on him soon..

peace, out


Monday, August 21, 2006

Dub Trip

I had a meeting with video director Joachim Strand. We got all caffinated and brainstormed like the wind. We are definitely heading in the same direction. He asked me to give him some feedback on the video he is currently doing. It's great stuff, excellent shapes. Here are some screen shots from his DVD demo (above). For more info check his sites:

Joachim's Blog
Joachim's Website

I also had a meeting with the people organising a gig at a new stylish club/bar called the Manor. I think we are going with a dubby eclectic feeling. So club style, but dope. The Res will be headlining some time in late September. VJzoo will be doing some VJing. It should be a trip. I might try and get Maarten the Belgian rapper (MC Killomatic) to do his track. The remix is sounding great.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Convergence Device, that's me.

Well, a few things have started to click together. I have put out the vibe to collaborate with other artists and I have had a bit too much success. Thankfully things have started to gel. I'm not sure if it will all happen, but I have a lot of enthusiasm from all involved. The concept started as a dance performance with Flutterby Productions. I would be composing music with the choreographer so the msuic seemed to come from the movements of the dancers (basically). Then I bumped into a reputable photographer who said he was wanting to shoot some moving bodies. Then a video producer said he wanted to do a video with me. So now I am trying to integrate all these into one. It could be wickid. A live dance performance with great lighting, being filmed professionally and shot pro with my music as a soundtrack to great passionate dance. It's a concept.

Here is a classic photo from my previous band the Audio Response Group (ARG). Res guitarist Paul Hines (Bass in ARG), guitarist Steve Hearne, Singer Devon Plumley and me. This shot would have been from about 2003, I think.

I have been trying to work out what this blog should be. I don't want to winge or dwell on sad thing. I want a space where I can jam my ideas. A perspective of where I'm at. Something I can look back on and get a big picture. A place where my inspiration hangs out. We will see.

Cheers. T

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mentally Extroverted

While I'm in the zone I thought I would add a new post. I have been awed by the effects of net communication in the last few days. It is enabling so many people to expand their lives in ways that until now have not been possible. Even if they are physicall introverted. A great example of this is geriatric1927's YouTube vidcast he posted this week about his life:

This is a good intro:

This one is a little more interesting and he mentions a Trilby hat. WooHoo:

I also find it fascinating how people can just randomly check out you blog or MySpace and get in touch with you. Like the Chillian girl who contacted me from the first post or the bands that relate to the music I do and send messages. I have had people requesting tours in their countries. It's a great mad world.

Here are my two fav designs for my new business cards. Also, it sound like the poster I did for the Semikazi gig (see previous post) is being made into postcards. So I may just post out a few out.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

i n t r o

Evening and welcome to the start of my blog. I am producing so many things a the moment that I thought I would link them all together here at my own little blog. I'm doing this through Google's Blogger because it links in with my gmail account and Picasa (great image viewer). This makes eveything easier.

I just took a cool Batman like shot with my phone (see left). I will try to post more eclectic pics from my life. Here is my photo album. Check it out and please leave comments.

To start here is a list of the projects I am involved in at the mo:

* The Resonance - the group, the ma
in source. Checkout our website and our MySpace . I try to check MySpace once a week. so feel free to drop us a line, have a listen and add us as a buddy. The Res's next gig is Sept16th a the Swan Basement in Fremantle W.Australia.

* Collab with The
Flutterby Dance Company. Ellen and I are working on the music and choreography for a piece. I hope to perform it with a decent PA system with serious subs. I want the audience to feel the movements through the subs.

* Currently doing a bit of production with a Belgian MC Killamatic. I can't find the link, but I'll put it up when I do. It's serious gangster rap in a Belgian styel (a bit of French and Dutch as well as English.

* Some of The Res music is being used by VJzoo on some of their projects.

* I am involved in a few Podcasts and Vidcasts that you can download for your MP3 player video player. The Overclocker Australia podcast theme at I am also collaboating on a video podcast being developed by TheTron of OCAU forum fame. Here is the site under development

* Also, I'm helping design and organize the Semikazi gig 'Kazino Royale' a bond themed gig on the 16th at the Swan Basement. Here is the poster I have done. The Res will be performing a heavy breaks version of Paul McCartney's 'Live & Let Die'. It rocks.

Ahh, there is more stuff, but those are the major projects in full swing. I will probably remember something majorly important that I forgot. Feel free to leave comments and point me to your own blogs.



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