Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want one!

My group the Cloud Kollektiv has been playing for the outdoor cinema gigs at Luna. I got a crew of rockers together for the launch of This Might Get Loud a doco about The Edge, Jack White and Jimi Page. Cain Turnley on guitar, Hugh on bass, Ivan on keys and myself on beats and tweaky stuff. We had one jam then did the gig on Jan the 20th 2010. It kinda went off:

You can CLICK HERE to download the live Cloud recording.

This animation has a really cool style. The animator is really working with the computer graphics medium and using it's flaws to great effect.

Did I mention I WANT ONE! of these:

Oh, well back to the soundtrack writing. I'm currently doing a theme for Kooey swimwear and some new soundtracks for Visible Dance. I'll post some snippets. I'm definitely inspired by Massive Attacks new album and Trentemøller's 'The Last Resort' album. Brilliant.

Idea vibes from, Trilby :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

There is beauty in breakdown

My heart breaks for the girl in the cafe. This is a brilliant piece of journalism that gives us a tragic look into North Korea. Here is a link to the full doco

Lt. Uhura represents

When something inspires or moves me I put it on my blog. Now this story may seem really geeky, but I feel it. It' a great story for a time with the first black American president. I have to admit to being a little inspired by President Obama. His speech before he got elected about the down trodden where he talks about white homeless was powerful.

Here is the story of Uhura from Star Trek and why she stayed on the show LINK