Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OMG! I'm so busy

I have taken on a role as a soundtracks producer for a new dance company as well as starting a new club night for the Cloud Kollektiv. Of course people have detected my industriousness and are now asking for other things like CD covers, remixes, mastering and studio work.

She Selexx had a little gig that was quite stylish and will be having another with the dance company on Wednesday at their premier. My gal Sig is heading off to Vienna once again but has held off her flight and will be able to get some shots of the gig. All those great bodies, who could miss it. Click the poster top poster to check it out in fill. it printed really nicely. It's good when you have time to let a design idea evolve. The Cloud Kollektiv logo and colour scheme has evolved nicely.

Here is the first vid from Visible Dance with a rough track from She Selexx. The next ones are really exciting. It's great having your music so thoroughly expressed and being able to write to such rhythmic expression. The communication is very good.