Monday, February 26, 2007

Draw on the walls

This is the era of change, of lateral thinking. Especially for the tv & music industry and soon the film industry. New global business structures are being invented, but not by multinationals. By anyone with a good idea. Companies like Opera, Skype, Google are the obvious challengers to the old school, but there are other small companies trying out new ideas with all this free communication power. These are exciting times.

The trick is to take the power from the gate keepers. I know that sounds trippy and religious, but it's quite simple. The five record companies, the three big film studios are the gate keepers. They are the conservative filter that stops the crazy, risky new ideas getting through. Now, they can be bypassed by putting a video/music on YouTube or MySpace. The more accessible the art becomes the more power to the artists and the more interesting and fresh it is for the audience.

Just a thought.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vienna and the blob

The Vienna scene is so happening, G-Stone Kruder and Dorfmeister, K7! it's all go.. Here is a cool promo video for Makossa &Megablast. I'm so there..

Makossa & Megablast

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Here is a cool blobby game. It's so simple it will drive you nuts, but it's so smooth and asthetically pleasing that you'll want to hang it on your wall. ..Hmm interesting deilemma.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vibrating fluro doodle

<- play with your doodle in 3D!

This is another cool online sketch program. It simply enables you to draw in 3D and rotate the picture by going to the edges of the screen. It's nice.. not rude.

-> I often get colour schemes from nature. They have a certain balance. they inspire me to go for more radical ideas with colour and design.

Sigrid and I went to the dance festival 'Good Vibrations' it was a blast. I didn't dance as much as I would have liked, but there was some groovy music. The main problem was the sound. The highlight would have been beatboxer Rhazel. man it was amazing what that guy can do. I looked forward to the Beastie Boys, but I couldn't hear the music, so it was just them yelling. not good. it supposedly got better but I went to the amphitheatre and got down to London Electricity which sounded fab!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Buenos Aires

The package from Buenos Aires musician Pablo Gimanez arrived today. International collaborations are so exciting.

The track is called 'Cecilia' and features the gorgeous sounding singer Cecilia Elias. It's a sexy summery Latin groove that will be a joy to remix and play with. It's great to be able meet such soulful musician and just work with them, easy. We hooked up this project through our MySpace pages. It's a beautiful thing.

Beatbox Kitchen!

Since YouTube beatboxing has had a big comeback (along with atheism). Here is a very creative beatbox video:

Very tricky

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Halogen Lightning

This is such a great photo (click to enlarge). This was taken at the Australia Day fireworks Skyshow on January the 26th 2007. It was a hot balmy night and there was some crazy lightning going on. It was as if the earth was saying 'You call that a skyshow, well check this out!". Even more impressive was when the massive fireworks barge in the middle of the river exploded. If you look closely at the middle of the photo you can see the Comet McNaught that was only visable in the southern skies. The photo is by Antti Kemppainen.

On other news, I am working on Perth band Halogen's new TripHop album. This should be fun. I have some of the grooves allready and they are dark and groovy. I'm adding a bit of Hip-Hop and tweaking the melodies a bit. I want singer Jasmin to record in her own studio and bring in crazy experiments for me to play with. More as it comes to hand. Here is Halogen's MySpace

Balvinder and I continue to create heaps of heavy dub grooves , even Jeremy Balius is getting into it. I will put some of them up on The Res site and MySpace soon.

More news as it comes to hand.