Sunday, December 31, 2006

The sound of touching

Ahh.. 2007

I'm excited! So is Eddie and Sig (left). I have so many plan for this year it's nearly daunting, but not quite. The excitement out ways the pressure. Jams with Indian muso Balvinder are going sweet, The Res has some great deals, I'm starting my business as a audio producer/multimedia guy. I have been asked to write music reviews. The trick it to do it all, just go for it and make it happen. Vibe is infectious. The more I do the more people will want to work with me. Definitley exciting times.

Now for some weird things I have found on the net.

This is a nice little music experiment. It's like a nicely written song that changes every time you listen to it. Interactive music.

This site is great. It's the site of a photo retouch artist to the stars (well, the black American ones). He obviously works for a magazine. It is insightful what is retouched and what is seen as attractive. The second one is hilarious, as you pass your mouse over the pic her ass increases in size. ha ha

Sorry, got carried away. obviously this is serious ass politics. ;-p

Here are 42 Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy games. See how randomly skilled you are at solving pointless random problems, fast.
click HERE

Last, but not least, some great live soul. OK, now I want a string section.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Foiled Again !

I'm still addicted to Digg. I will be getting into heaps of my own stuff soon and my blog will reflect this. I have been doing a business course so my creative projects have been on hold a bit. Now I'm raring to go!

This is the best practical joke. I love it. It's art and it's a prank that even the victim has to appreciate.

click the pic for more

Here is a photo of the sunset on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia. It had been a hot day (~38 degrees) and some random clouds rolled in, creating this great colour.

The new year hold many exciting adventures for me. I have begun work on some big gigs and am collaborating with some great musos. There could even be little international travel involved. I'll have to work hard, but now is the time. Things are falling into place quite nicely.

Happy New Year all.

Luv, Trilby

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Do The Robot !

r . o . b . o . t

..and while we are watching incredible Hip-Hop teenagers:

Yolq4 Da Best In Estonia - video powered by Metacafe



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gooey Secrets

I have only just discovered this blog called PostSecrets. It's one of those brilliant simple ideas. The internet is a great place lateral ideas to grow as it has very few limits. PostSecrets has helped lots of young people feel a bond and an acceptance for their worries and quirks. It's nice because it helps you feel like your not the only one that does petty little things. This was created on blogger and now this guy has books and millions of regular reader.

I like a good looking user interface (if you know what I mean ;-). One that can be changed with the mood of the user that animates in an efficient and sexy way. You wouldn't want your eyes to get obese from all that eye candy, now would you.

This is an interface for Linux. It's like an add on that renders the desktop, adding 3D and physical properties that help the user relate to the processes they are controlling on the computer. The music is made with Commodore64s. So geek.

Hmm.. GUI

Last but not least here is some Christmas cheer from Peanuts (the comic) and Scrubs (The TV program). I used to read snoopy when I was little along with Footrot Flats. Maybe I had a comic dog fixation. Hmm... and yet!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


"If it's real, we believe in it" - The tag line of the open source religion 'Reality'. It's a religion created like a wiki. Anyone can change it. It evolves with time.

It's all very entertaining, but still has the flaw of most organized religions that everyone has to have the same beliefs. Everyone is different so this doesn't quite work for me. The vibe is right though. I need to read more to really comment. The concept is fun.

In a sense, open source is a religion in itself. A religion of giving. Giving information and knowledge. If you think of evolution and the idea that man is now evolving past his physical ability to change, using technology (eg. we can't remember everything so we write it in a book. Thus enhancing our memory abilities). This is a great gift to give, maybe the ultimate as it enables societies to form and develop. It also breaks down the power systems of multinational corporations. Hmm.. I'm getting a bit deep.

OK, something utterly frivolous and a bit grose.
Oh, so wrong. Warning! these are the hardcore shots, not the nice ones you may have seen. When Paris Hilton is telling you to keep your legs shut, you know you got problems:

I had better counter that with something cool.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across you mix - and it sounds like a record."

I have been beta testing a deceptively simple digital audio plugin for a mate in London working for big audio software company. It is a digital simulation of the bus compressor of a AU$500,000+ SSL mixing console. You can buy it separately in a rack module for AU$6000+. He has been putting it through it's paces and analyzing the way it manipulates sound, in a quest to recreate it in software. During these experiments last week he managed to blow it up. It's fucked. Next week the guys from SSL in the US are coming over to check his work to see if it gets the tick of approval. I have to say it is by far the best compression plugin I have tried. It does give things THAT sound. It really pumps. He said it doesn't sound 100% yet. Shit, if this is it sounding rough, I can't imagine what the final will sound like.


That about covers it.