Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Are Hunted on Facebook

I post this for a few of my friends who have had some relationship troubles on Facebook. This great little video pretty much spells it out. It also reminds me of the new tv show 'Mad Men', which I dig.

There is a heap of new music sites around these days. For the listener it's great, for the new musician it's fantastic (free distro) but for the record label it's hell. The times they are a changin'.
Here is an ingenious new site, 'WeAreHunted'. They analyse what's being talked about on forums, DIGG, Google and the internet in general, then create a top 9. The tracks are really interesting. This is not your old top 10, this is the now 9. It changes daily. Click the pic for the site.

I have been mixing quite a lot bands doing electro disco with an 80's vibe lately (notably SheSelexx, Brash & Sassy and Digital Dolls). Here is a video of electro at it's best, an uplifting new tracks from Royksopp and Robyn live from Norwegian TV. Ride that disco pony Robyn! That's some bloody good pop.

Since finishing at the record store I have been searching out new tunes and finding them. There are billions of brilliant DJ mixes online. My fav site is Honestly the good stuff is online, go get it.

I'll post some of my mixed tracks soon, I just have to finish about 20 of them first then I'll do a little dj mix of them.