Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cycle into the Universe, 8-bit stylee

I have a heap of new mixes are nearly complete. Including the dub sessions of Balvinder and I.

A preview of the remix for Pablo and Ceci in Buenos Aires can be heard on the Res MySpace. I will be updating it as it is finished. Feel free to leave a comment here or on MySpace.

Click the pic to go to MySpace

Wow, man. The Universe is so small and we are so big.. oh wait. I may have got that wrong, better check the NIKON UNIVERSACALE!

Oh yeah, it's an 8-bit tie. I want an elite geek 8-bit suit. Dom wants 8-bit contact lenses and friend Sarah wants an 8-bit mirror. This was actually an April Fools, but it has been so popular that they are going to manufacture them. Click pic for more.

A cool website promoting cycling and some stylin' bikes. I like the idea of having a cruiser as well and a sports bike, but I ride quite urgently. I like to have a goal and get there, I don't really cruise. I'm not really a stoner more of acaffienater. Maybe I could cruise intensely. YEAH, MAN! I'M GONNA F*CK'N CRUISE!!

Ok, back to my jazzy Latin remix, now I got that out of my system.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Voyeurism is boring!

Sig, Me, Andy and Emma at Cottesloe beach as the sun sets. Andy popped in from London for his birthday. He is a software programmer for FXpansion. They write brilliant music software. The demo tracks below features one of his latest synths that I am beta testing.

This new track I am producing with Frans and Jasmin (members of the band 'Halogen') is getting really good. It has become one, as opposed to lots of bit's. It has a lot of work to be done on it but the vibe is there. It's like Air, My bloody Valentine and Massive Attack's mutant love child. Here is the build up when the drums drop out. I frack'n love it (yes I like BSG too). geek, geek, geek. . .

JasFransTrilby - CooCooCoo MP3

If your looking for a seriously dope mix of deep groovy tracks check out this from SanDiego label Sleeping Giant. It's seriously jazzy bad (that's good). The groove at 42 minutes, just does it. Hmm

Check out their site for more mixes.

..and Yes, Voyeurism is boring

Strange times, these.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Electronic Musician Porn

I caught up with my good buddy Andrew Simper the other day, he popped in from London. It was great ot see him and his beautiful girlfriend Emma. We ate gourmet pizza on Cottesloe beach and drank champagne. There were a hoard of colourful rosella parrots having a party in the trees. I will update this post with some photos in a few days. This has nothing to do with the title of the post it was delightful, thats all.

click to enlarge

Google Earth is cool.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Go with the 'Flow'

I really didn't have time. Deadlines were killing me, but there was this interesting concept for a game called 'Flow'.

Biologists will love this. The scene is a view of a petri dish through a microscope. You are an organism that must evolve. You start as a schematic of a little worm like amoeba. Then through eating other little amoeba you grow and also create your own siblings (that you will probably eat later). At the end of the level is the evolving gene. Once you eat this organism and get it's gene you evolve to the next species. Cool!

After playing for a while I felt so focussed and got heaps done (till 4am!). I recommend you download the full version and play it out of the browser.
For a more relaxing space, this game is like a meditation. It also has a more attainable goal. It's one of those seriously simple games. The simplicity is brilliant. The music is nice (all very New Age). this is a great example of a way to promote music and interactive art. Now for something completely different. Here is a crazy interactive animation with a strange lateral sense of humour. What does it all mean? Feel free to leave a message.

I have been producing the Overclockers Australia podcast and have written the theme song. So I am interested in the use of music in podcasts. the laws in the US have just got serious about music copyright in podcasts. There is an interesting chat about music in podcasts on the TWIT podcast here is a link to the MP3

GEEK WARNING! this is seriously a elite geek podcast. Only the tech savvy should check it out, otherwise you may go into a coma of tech boredom and feel a need to play football and get drunk with ya mates.

I have heaps of new mixes for Halogen, Pablo in Buenos Aires and Balvinder Singh and I (check links on the right). But I am a notorious perfectionist. I promise to put up a mix for the next blog entry. There! I set myself a deadline. There is also a cool new album cover for The Resonance by a photograper in Taipei (Ooh, global).