Friday, June 27, 2008

Moody shots & misses

The Cloud Sessions have been a very creative trip for the Cloud Kollektiv. It's more like a writing session. We jam a heap of grooves and jus follow them. So many great musicians.

HERE is an MP4/AAC (iTunes) file of one of the tracks with Cle, Joe Black and Jeremy Balius on vocals.

It was recorded on a little Zoom H2 handheld recorder that was sitting in front of the band. This was an improvised jam that creates enough hooks for several tracks.

There is also a new Cloud Kollektiv website that will be online soon. You can hear the live track and the new Simon Kelly Cloud remix on the Cloud MySpace

My gal Sig is off in Austria seeing her friends and family. Miss her heaps. It's a pity she is missing the Cloud Sesh. Oh, well I will have to organise some more later in the year. There will be a big night at Luxe with the Visible Dance company in August and the Cloud will be playing a Masala Mix dance party with heaps of crazy dancing Indians. Should be awesome.