Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orchestral manouvers in the spring

Lately I have been mixing heaps of music. This doesn't make a very interesting blog so here are some photos of the things I did in between.

Australia does not have a long fascinating history or a rich complex culture. One thing Australia has ample amount of is beautiful natural surroundings. It's spring and the wild flowers are out. These shots were taken within a space of about 200 meters. Such variety and colour in a country with so much desert.

Click for an enlargement.

I recently got a new Nokia E71 mobile. I had been waiting for the iPhone to see if it was any good and frankly it's not. I was not impressed so I bought the new sexy messaging smart phone from Nokia. The iPhone's battery life is abysmal and I found the on screen keyboard to be terrible. There is also heaps missing from it and it doesn't let you just chuck files on it (no expandable memory). There were just too many problems in my book. I can bluetooth or USB my E71 to any computer and put video, PDF, word, iTunes audio files on it and it plays and read them. Simple.
Also the advanced messaging and push email is great. I get my Gmail to my phone as it comes in. It's also crazy thin.

Sig and I went to the Menage' concert a week ago. It was a stylish event. An orchestra played the score to an old B&W Hitchcock film. After mixing so much music it is always great to hear it acoustic, live in front of you. It gives you perspective.