Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finding Space

Ok I'm a Digg whore, but this is cool:
Just click the pic to play.

I like simple Zen like games like this. they're great in between complex creative projects (music and graphics jobs). It helps to generate new ideas and get perspective.

I normally cycle or hang with friends. It's good to have some kind of meditation that gets you away from your thoughts. This is one reason I like cycling. I ride through the city, if I lose concentration then I get hit by a car (and it hurts, trust me). That's what I call incentive, it seems to make me focus.

I am currently working on some corporate ID for composer Michael Pignéguy working in the Arab Emirates I'm trying to go for a hip corporate look. He is composing for orchestra.

I like to start with the business cards then go from there. I will also be developing a website. An interesting thing, you can't get MySpace in Arab Emirates There is some crazy Big Brother shit going on over there.

The Res has a heap of stuff happening in November. Our new manager Jeremy Balius is kickin' it into gear.

Ahh, busy drillbit

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