Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shebang Accomplis Phone Weird Planet Prop Fire

It has been an eventful week, full of success, doubts, affection, worries, the whole shabang. As I am not one to dwell and this is my inspiration blog I will mention the cool stuff. The bad stuff isn't very bad it's just insecurity, so forgettaboutit!

My new accomplis in musical espionage Mr Balvinder lent me his CDJ800 CD scratcher. As in Hip-Hop scratching not fingernails down blackboard. It is a serious tool for sound manipulation and sample searching. Hooked into my Numark DMX06 mixer with filters and effects it is a weapon not to be used lightly (as opposed to a pillow I suppose). Jeremy Balius is bringing over some vinyl and a deck and we are going to have a big sound making/finsind/destroying session. It's fun stuff.

Bal and I are writing at the speed sound I suppose. Anyway we are getting deep into our mixes and really enjoying it. I have also been taking this new found creative freedom and trying out an idea I had a while ago of asking bands from MySpace if they wanted to collaborate on a remix or new track. I asked a great Latin Jazz group from Buenos Aires, Argentina if they would like a mix and they jumped at the chance. Their stuff is so rhythmically and melodically rich it will be easy for me to simplify and solidify into a cool club summery track. It's all about being inspired.

Oh, and the Res got nominated in the WAMi awards along with Pendulum and F'Del. Cool huh.

Stuff the iPhone, I want one of these. It's beautiful.

Check out this brilliant web game. I love seeing the evolution of art from technology. This is a beautiful example.

Enormous blades are also cool but in a different way. Click the pics to see more.

More updates soon. I'm on fire!


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