Friday, June 08, 2007

rEaliTy pUnkEd

The way we interact with technology is just as important as the technology it's self. There have been lots of technologies that have been highly achieving technically but have given a bad user experience. The classic example is the MP3 player. Till the iPod came along they were not accepted into the popular culture. They were merely geek toys. With Apples design, user interface, software and promotion the general public could understand the MP3 player and thus wanted it. The iPhone I think will be a similar success, purely because Apple makes good GUI (Graphical User Interface). The technology is not that stunning but the impression it will give to the user will be of the software.

This brings me to the most amazing development in user interface. I am still excited about Google Maps and Earth, but this has incredible implication. Cyberspace, The Matrix, Virtual Reality seem so much closer all of a sudden. The idea that the virtual world creates itself with the data we all put into it. Truly inspiring. The implications are mind blowing. This is now! WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Steam Punk is a popular sci-fi concept that stylistically rebels against the common impression of technology and gives it a more classic hands on feel. Here are two steam punked computer parts. It's a Dell monitor and a classic old IBM click keyboard.

There endeth the Trilby thoughts..

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