Saturday, September 08, 2007

Latest Trilby Mixes

Here is a 7 minute MP4/AAC mix of a few of the more finished tracks I'm writing/producing at the moment. None of them have been properly mastered (just my vague mastering). They are works in progress...excuses, excuses, yadda yadda..

1. Simon Kelly's - Cloud On The Corner
2. Cloud Kollektiv feat. Jono McNeil - Weight Of The World
3. She Selexx - Coo Coo Coo
4. She Selexx - Terrible Romance

I just wrote the beat for Simon's track and am really happy with it. I got that compressed BOOM BAP! sound. I layered snare sounds and grabbed the feel from a fusion drum solo for the high hats. It's simple, but finely sculpted. It's important to write tracks for mastering. If you have an idea of what will happen to the track in the mastering process then it will come out sweeter in the end and not need much.
SheSelexx's tracks are a whole more complex beast, layers of subtle guitars. I'm slowly working out how to keep the mix simple from the start so my head doesn't iexplode at the end of the mix. So many guitars, vocals and drum layers make things rich, but are hard to balance.
Cloud Kollektiv stuff is just indulgent. This groove evolved from a jam and I have kept it as crazy jazzy shit. Good shit. The next track I think will be one of our more solid club grooves. Now that we are working with singers, we will have to start structuring. Hopefully we can keep it free and groovy.Here are some pics of me with friends at a dub gig at The Bakery
If you are digging these tracks make sure you make it to my gig at the Velvet Lounge in MtLawley on Thursday October the 4th for the Cloud Kollektiv gig. Simon Kelly will be doing a dubby version of 'Cloud On The Corner' with us, Jono will be jamming too and hopefully we will get some stuff together with Cle.


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