Saturday, December 29, 2007

Internet killed the video star

Not really, it just sounded good. I know that in Australia at least traditional video are not being made as much for TV. YouTube viral videos are another matter. We are in the transition from CDs to MP3s and TV video clips to YouTube viral clips. Here is a video that uses some of that light writing style mixed with that Matrix multi camera 3D technology. It's a dope track too.

While I'm on the subject HERE are the top videos of 2007 as selected by Rolling Stone. Also check out THIS graffiti art site. Art is seriously being taken away from the establishment and getting online and on the street. Good times.

I finally got my German Adam A7 studio monitor and they are sweeeet! So solid and clear. Worth the dosh definitely. Now I have a heap of mixing to do. Ahh, how quickly new toys become tools. Might watch a few movies first, though. Yeah.



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