Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Watch Communal Creativity Xmas y

I haven't posted for a little while as I have been busy working full-time (boring) as the audio tech specialist at Billy Hyde Music (not so boring). I'm still on muso time and not coping with the lack of sleep too well. I have heaps of great projects on the go, but hardly any time to do them. Recently I was asked to compose 4 hours of ambient music for a series of tantric sex meditations CDs (Ooh yeah, baby!). I couldn't refuse. Playing with synths is something that Trilbies do best.

I have gone through a few cheap watches, so I decided to get a decent one. After some thorough research I found one, but first here is some of the research. Most are utterly unobtainable. Click to enlarge:

I ended up getting a watch by the Swiss company Wenger (the maker of the original Swiss army knife). The main reason being that It was a great deal. The rrp was US$350 and I got it for AU$150 delivered (AU$45 of that being shipping). It's a decent, reliable Swiss chrono. I was wanting something more chunky but I also wanted something formal, so this would be my formal watch. Here is a pic:

On to the inspiration
Here is a great creative collab between designer Fluorescent Hill, rapper Cool Keith and Tom Waits.

I work on a lot of electronic music. This brilliant documentary explained a lot about where it all came from and why I like it so much.

Who needs religion, when you have balls
This bit of community art for Christmas has had a good effect on everyone. It's simple and moving.

Last but not least, some MIND BENDING music from the beloved 'Rodrigo y Gabriela'. They take a track or so to warm up, but by about 4:30 they are on another planet. Really groovy.

Totally HOT!

..well about 37 degrees at the moment.
Yes it's an Aussie Christmas.

Cheers to all.


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