Sunday, September 10, 2006

So fresh and so clean

I have begun redesigning the Res site. The previous site is dark and a bit plain. I wanted to add some spice to it, give it a bit more weirdness and interaction and just express that things are happening. the MySpace page is now linked on the top. The background and content on MySpace will also get an update (I use the same background). I will have to get my web tech, Brett to help a bit, but it should come out sweet. Here is a preview. It'll be up soon..

Click to enlarge. The pics will be washed out, then will be properly visible when you pass you mouse over them. I have kept a few of the previous elements for continuity. I would love some feedback, so comment away.

MC Killamatic from the Belgian Rap crew Hz Family has been jamming in the Res studio. We should finally have some grooves done for his European release in the next week or so. MC Optamus from Downside should be adding to a Belgian/Aussie collab. I have a little mix of some of the pre-production rough ideas so you can get an idea. It includes a little bit of our 'Live&Let Die' bond theme for the Semikazi gig on the weekend. We hope to record this properly soon with jono's vocals. Here's the mix


These grooves are quite a bit different to other Res tracks. Check the Res website link on the right for an idea of some lush Res music. Working on some tough boyish rap tracks has been fun and indulgent. A bit of a flashback to ARG days. He he ;-)

While on the James Bond fixation, you must see the new Bond trailer. Core blimey, Eva Green is hot.

More music and links soon, check the Res site for more too..


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Brett the "web tech" said...

Like Bond in the mix, but can't wait to hear it for real! I'll be there on Sat.