Sunday, September 24, 2006

Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Bond I expect you to PARTY!

Crazy times indeed. I don't know where to start.

OK, my band website The Resonance Online has had a sweet upgrade. I went for a lighter style. The design seems a little controversial. The low contrast is a matter for contention, so is the strangely flashing pics. I feel quite good about it. I intend to to add some more new technology, like a bit of flash for the photos page and some underlying technology. Broadband is sweet.

I finally got my new Sony-Ericsson K800i mobile phone and have been going a bit photo crazy with the decent quality 3.2mega pixel camera. The recent Res gig at Kazino Royale gave me a few good targets. I haven't sorted the email checking ability of the phone, but I'm digging the MP3/AAC/Video player. I even have our last gig as a video on my phone, geeky, geek, geeek!

Piotre took some groovy photos of the James Bond themed gig too you can check them out on the photo page of the Res site.

Poor Bec (Res Singer) hurt her neck with all the post gig partying and had to cancel her gig with her other outfit Brash & Sassy. So good healing vibes to Bec.

Our new manager/collaborator Jeremy Balius and I have been kicking it into gear with lots of plans of world domination. The Internet has really thrown a spanner into the works for the music industry. So we are getting into some crazy ideas. We are going to do a few bootlegs for DJs to get some vibe, continue to increase our online presents and book some gigs for the Australian summer festival season. Jeremy has written a great press release of immense silliness that is sure to get some attention.


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