Sunday, April 15, 2007

Free to be

Falling to Earth

I am a big fan of Google Earth, or more to the point I am a big fan of the Earth, that Google, Nasa and others capture so well. Here is the simplest most beautiful way I have seen to explore the Earth. It makes you want to go study an atlas. You will need some serious broadband to freely fly through the satellite photos. Check out the NASA daily shots if your interested in the weather.

First there was YouTube
This is a viciously great idea. It's like online stand-up. People send in their clips and the popular ones stay up the bad ones get sent to the crypt. So if you bomb on this stage the whole world knows, but they don't really know who you are. Hmm

PORN... but not as you know it Jim
Who is she. Where is she from and what is she thinking at the end. It doesn't matter, we have just seen her at her most intimate and we are online so that's all there is, simple. This is YouPorn.

Like an erotic sand castle that gets washed away in the morning with the tide. Hmm2

We are now free to be: funny, sexy, stupid, beautiful... YouChoose

D e S i g N
On another note I have been doing a little bit of design work. Here are some of the more creative projects:

Next post I will show some of my musical


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