Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cycle into the Universe, 8-bit stylee

I have a heap of new mixes are nearly complete. Including the dub sessions of Balvinder and I.

A preview of the remix for Pablo and Ceci in Buenos Aires can be heard on the Res MySpace. I will be updating it as it is finished. Feel free to leave a comment here or on MySpace.

Click the pic to go to MySpace

Wow, man. The Universe is so small and we are so big.. oh wait. I may have got that wrong, better check the NIKON UNIVERSACALE!

Oh yeah, it's an 8-bit tie. I want an elite geek 8-bit suit. Dom wants 8-bit contact lenses and friend Sarah wants an 8-bit mirror. This was actually an April Fools, but it has been so popular that they are going to manufacture them. Click pic for more.

A cool website promoting cycling and some stylin' bikes. I like the idea of having a cruiser as well and a sports bike, but I ride quite urgently. I like to have a goal and get there, I don't really cruise. I'm not really a stoner more of acaffienater. Maybe I could cruise intensely. YEAH, MAN! I'M GONNA F*CK'N CRUISE!!

Ok, back to my jazzy Latin remix, now I got that out of my system.


Brett said...

I love that tie! I'd never wear it (I hate ties anyway) but it's a great idea.

Can you turn off that Snap Preview thing? It's really underwhelming to casually mouseover a link and get a preview of the "leave comments" page. It's more annoying (to me anyway) than useful.

Anonymous said...

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