Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crazy Cool

Ahh, you've got to love Imogen Heap. She is brilliantly nuts, all the best ones are. I don't think I could trust a woman who was totally sane. It's a bit like someone who always seems happy. Anyway, Imogen rocks.

Recently I mastered a brilliant album by Steve Richter and Josh Hogan under the group name of 'Taal Naan'. We went through several generations of production the get the sound right. It was exploration of dynamics, space and frequencies. Basically we were finding a sound for the album. I did a bit of research to get my head around these complex percussion based pieces. I remember watching a deaf marimba and vibes player on Letterman one evening. It blew my mind, so I tracked down some of her work (gotta love the net). Then I found this great talk on TED:

Here is something deep and meaningless, or maybe not. It's a collaboration by Walt Disney and Slavador Dali that has just been completed based on their initial work, storyboards and sketches.

To end on a more sophisicated note. I must point out that all men are completely sane (including myself of course). Sorry, but I had problems embedding it.
I know, purile, cheap, but giggliscious! (yes, I said it)


(I mean d. of course)

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