Monday, June 08, 2009

Everything is new. The glass is half full.

Welcome. It's been a while but I am making an effort to post more often. I have been reeling from my new job and all the music mixing I'm doing. I just have to plan my time. Get my multitasking mojo into action. Sigrid is going to a wedding in Venice for the next month, so this will give me time to get my business sorted and my ToDo's done. When she gets back I should be action Trilby (ahem, I mean drillbit).

For starters as promised HERE is a new track from my group Cloud Kollektiv featuring Samanta Ray on vocals, Paul Hines on guitar and I did all the rest.

I am currently getting a string section together for a live performance with the Visible Dance company (that I am musical director of). The line-up is Smitch on harp, Brian Kruger and Jessica Yeh on Violins and Tristen Par on cello. This will be an adventure. I promise to do a regular gig (sans dance company) with these guys and more of the Cloud Kollektiv. The show is in September.

My favourite site at the moment.

This is what radio should be. An excellent selection of music of from all over the world. It seems to have a flow. The chances of hearing a song you have heard before is very low. It's constant interesting fresh music. That's what I'm talking about.

Some serious Cyber Punk action in this movie preview. Some of these independent productions are getting to an an amazing standard. The sound is great too.

Finishing off I will continue my series of beatbox fixations, here is the current UK beatbox masters live at the Googleplex in London. A great show, really bloody entertaining. By the end you will be laughing up a storm. Brillant!

Cheers all. TT

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