Sunday, December 31, 2006

The sound of touching

Ahh.. 2007

I'm excited! So is Eddie and Sig (left). I have so many plan for this year it's nearly daunting, but not quite. The excitement out ways the pressure. Jams with Indian muso Balvinder are going sweet, The Res has some great deals, I'm starting my business as a audio producer/multimedia guy. I have been asked to write music reviews. The trick it to do it all, just go for it and make it happen. Vibe is infectious. The more I do the more people will want to work with me. Definitley exciting times.

Now for some weird things I have found on the net.

This is a nice little music experiment. It's like a nicely written song that changes every time you listen to it. Interactive music.

This site is great. It's the site of a photo retouch artist to the stars (well, the black American ones). He obviously works for a magazine. It is insightful what is retouched and what is seen as attractive. The second one is hilarious, as you pass your mouse over the pic her ass increases in size. ha ha

Sorry, got carried away. obviously this is serious ass politics. ;-p

Here are 42 Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy games. See how randomly skilled you are at solving pointless random problems, fast.
click HERE

Last, but not least, some great live soul. OK, now I want a string section.

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