Saturday, December 02, 2006


"If it's real, we believe in it" - The tag line of the open source religion 'Reality'. It's a religion created like a wiki. Anyone can change it. It evolves with time.

It's all very entertaining, but still has the flaw of most organized religions that everyone has to have the same beliefs. Everyone is different so this doesn't quite work for me. The vibe is right though. I need to read more to really comment. The concept is fun.

In a sense, open source is a religion in itself. A religion of giving. Giving information and knowledge. If you think of evolution and the idea that man is now evolving past his physical ability to change, using technology (eg. we can't remember everything so we write it in a book. Thus enhancing our memory abilities). This is a great gift to give, maybe the ultimate as it enables societies to form and develop. It also breaks down the power systems of multinational corporations. Hmm.. I'm getting a bit deep.

OK, something utterly frivolous and a bit grose.
Oh, so wrong. Warning! these are the hardcore shots, not the nice ones you may have seen. When Paris Hilton is telling you to keep your legs shut, you know you got problems:

I had better counter that with something cool.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across you mix - and it sounds like a record."

I have been beta testing a deceptively simple digital audio plugin for a mate in London working for big audio software company. It is a digital simulation of the bus compressor of a AU$500,000+ SSL mixing console. You can buy it separately in a rack module for AU$6000+. He has been putting it through it's paces and analyzing the way it manipulates sound, in a quest to recreate it in software. During these experiments last week he managed to blow it up. It's fucked. Next week the guys from SSL in the US are coming over to check his work to see if it gets the tick of approval. I have to say it is by far the best compression plugin I have tried. It does give things THAT sound. It really pumps. He said it doesn't sound 100% yet. Shit, if this is it sounding rough, I can't imagine what the final will sound like.


That about covers it.


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