Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gooey Secrets

I have only just discovered this blog called PostSecrets. It's one of those brilliant simple ideas. The internet is a great place lateral ideas to grow as it has very few limits. PostSecrets has helped lots of young people feel a bond and an acceptance for their worries and quirks. It's nice because it helps you feel like your not the only one that does petty little things. This was created on blogger and now this guy has books and millions of regular reader.

I like a good looking user interface (if you know what I mean ;-). One that can be changed with the mood of the user that animates in an efficient and sexy way. You wouldn't want your eyes to get obese from all that eye candy, now would you.

This is an interface for Linux. It's like an add on that renders the desktop, adding 3D and physical properties that help the user relate to the processes they are controlling on the computer. The music is made with Commodore64s. So geek.

Hmm.. GUI

Last but not least here is some Christmas cheer from Peanuts (the comic) and Scrubs (The TV program). I used to read snoopy when I was little along with Footrot Flats. Maybe I had a comic dog fixation. Hmm... and yet!

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