Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Voyeurism is boring!

Sig, Me, Andy and Emma at Cottesloe beach as the sun sets. Andy popped in from London for his birthday. He is a software programmer for FXpansion. They write brilliant music software. The demo tracks below features one of his latest synths that I am beta testing.

This new track I am producing with Frans and Jasmin (members of the band 'Halogen') is getting really good. It has become one, as opposed to lots of bit's. It has a lot of work to be done on it but the vibe is there. It's like Air, My bloody Valentine and Massive Attack's mutant love child. Here is the build up when the drums drop out. I frack'n love it (yes I like BSG too). geek, geek, geek. . .

JasFransTrilby - CooCooCoo MP3

If your looking for a seriously dope mix of deep groovy tracks check out this from SanDiego label Sleeping Giant. It's seriously jazzy bad (that's good). The groove at 42 minutes, just does it. Hmm


Check out their site for more mixes.

..and Yes, Voyeurism is boring


Strange times, these.

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