Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wow, what a week.

First up my band The Res got into the finals of the OzMusic awards and asked to Sydeny. Nice. My Brother Kav's band Eskimo Joe won the Aria for the best song of the year (basically the most popular song in Australia) for their tracks 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine'. Then my girl Sigrid found out her grandmother is in a coma so she left for Austria with one days notice. Full on.

I finally finished the 'Hz to Oz' track for Killamatic and his Belgian rapper crew. It sounds pretty great, very hooky.

Here are a bunch of my favourite shots from my phone. The WAMi song of the year awards that we were nominated for but didn't win. The opening of the Crush clothing store with hot model/dancers working it in underwear. Angel at the Crush opening. A shot of Georgia dressed as a Russian bride for the Moscow Disco party (she is now in Seattle). My crazy hot friend Brooke dressed as a Vampiros Lesbos. a beautiful friend of a friend and some random shots of Perth in the sun... and yes I like beautiful women. Luckily they are all my friends.

Damn, it's 4am. It's been a bit like that lately. Oh, well. Mix done and blog updated. Now sleep

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