Saturday, November 25, 2006

Biz stuff and sneakers


I have begun business course that goes for a month. It's really quite hardcore. Actually it isn't, but I also have a million and one other things that I am doing. So going to a course from 9:30am-3:30pm weekdays and then homework is a bit much. Good practice for time management, but still intense. After the first week my sleep deficit is massive. The course is very inspiring though.

On more superficial matters (read: more interesting) here is a pic of my new limited edition K-Swiss sneakers I got in Sydney after a massive search. For more on the Sydney trip read the previous post below.

I have now set up a serious broadband audio link with my mate Micheal Pigneguy in Dubai. He went over there with his wife Anna and kids about three months ago. Anna is teaching music and Mike is setting up a composition studio and aiming to work on jobs from the UK. So, I have setup a cool broadband GoogleTalk system where I can control what goes to the listener on the other end. It's like being an online realtime DJ with effects. I'm hanging to have a go with the podcast. If they will let me. I chatted to Mike in Dubai and he was a bit spun out. I do need to get a better broadband service. I'm on 512kbps (about 60kb/second download) which is usable but my upload is only 128kbps (~15kb/second). It makes Skype/GoogleTalk calls dodgy and takes ages for me to send big files. With the OCAU podcast it took me nearly 1.5 hours to send all the files. Then there was an edit I had to make and thats another 1.5hrs. This is not very practical.

Back to my point. After chatting to MikeP and freaking him out with my mad DJ skills (;-p) I find that there is a big demand for people like me over there. Even though I do not speak the language. I like the idea of teaching and doing some audio production jobs for a 3 months hit and then coming back. Just little contracts. This would also fit into my business plan. Hmm.. contemplation. Of course I would have to find time and sync with other Res stuff. My initial biz plan is to do international projects from Australia, online. Ahh, it's all a concept.

Here is the latest incarnation of the Res logo I did for the Sydney demo. It looks hot on the CD.

Cheers, Comments welcome.

Trilby of The Res

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Brett said...

It's pretty cool, except I can't make out what that red thing at the base is. Probably a little too lowrez on the web.

Good luck with the course and everything else on top of it.