Monday, November 13, 2006

Sydney Pt.1

Trilby and Bec's Sydney adventures. Part 1.

Bec and I madly ventured to Sydney for the MusicOz awards in Sydney. We are in the finals of the dance catagory. It's like the Arias for unsigned acts. I have been walking a lot (did Oxford Street) and meeting heaps of friends I havn't seen for ages. the awards are tomorrow night. I think that deserves a post of it's own. Let the phone photos begin.

Hmm.. wing. Thats what I call inflight entertainment.

We arrive in Sydney. Bec is the troupadore with her guitar. Her man servant Marcel carries her bags. ;-p

Marcel and Bec at the D&BBQ gig (I think?). Not sure what's hapening in this pic. I like to think Bec is sending vibrating SMS's to Marcel's pants, but the truth is not so funky. Leanne really wanted to be there and was SMSing us every three minutes. If that happens at the awards I'm spamming her (lots of Viagra for Li).

Film producer Ben, Becenfurter and I later in the night. I really should have made a stupider expression. I didn't realize the proposed stupid level for this shot. Next time we have to do meetings, ok, Bec.

IKEA models . . Beque and Benjua

OK, enough pics of Bec. Here is the Death Star of mobile towers. It's big, it's badass and it can blow up planets (I think). Woah, I have a bit of a headache..

I caught up with Trilby girl (Trilby Glover). She's so pretty. She just got a part in a sitcom with Melinda Messer from 'Will & Grace'. You go girl! Her cool boyfriend Paul is in the band 'Minder'. They have a Placebo/ thing going on. Great sounds.. and yes, Paul Trilby girl played me your old demo and I liked it. So Ner! You rock! We will talk.

Ya, I know. another shot of me with a gal. This gal happens to be one of my best buddies that havn't seen for ages (since she moved to Sydney, funnily enough). It's my distant cousin Britt. We unsuccessfuly went shoe shopping for some classy sneakers for me (I'm such a sneaker snob). Basically, they have some serious gourmet sneakers but they never get the rare ones in my size 13. (I'm talkin' carbon fibre, wood panelling, patent leather, emboidered...). So close, yet so far.
Last of all a pic of a cool dark red vase from my dear aunt Katherines beautiful house. She has taste, I must say. This is where I am staying from Sunday to Wednesday. I stayed at my beautiful friend Tanas place on Saturday.

The next part of the Sydney report will be done from Perth. The MusicOz awards are tomorrow night. I'm hoping my bro Kav will give me a few labels to visit tomorrow and I'll get all these cool demos out to some reputable individuals. Oh, and I hope we win of course.

Last but not least, here is a special treat. You can download our Sydney demo from this link:

It's a AAC/MP4 file (iTunes...) you can go to to get a player/converter or use iTunes or Quicktime to play it.

Sydney Trilby, OUT!

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