Monday, August 21, 2006

Dub Trip

I had a meeting with video director Joachim Strand. We got all caffinated and brainstormed like the wind. We are definitely heading in the same direction. He asked me to give him some feedback on the video he is currently doing. It's great stuff, excellent shapes. Here are some screen shots from his DVD demo (above). For more info check his sites:

Joachim's Blog
Joachim's Website

I also had a meeting with the people organising a gig at a new stylish club/bar called the Manor. I think we are going with a dubby eclectic feeling. So club style, but dope. The Res will be headlining some time in late September. VJzoo will be doing some VJing. It should be a trip. I might try and get Maarten the Belgian rapper (MC Killomatic) to do his track. The remix is sounding great.

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