Sunday, August 13, 2006

i n t r o

Evening and welcome to the start of my blog. I am producing so many things a the moment that I thought I would link them all together here at my own little blog. I'm doing this through Google's Blogger because it links in with my gmail account and Picasa (great image viewer). This makes eveything easier.

I just took a cool Batman like shot with my phone (see left). I will try to post more eclectic pics from my life. Here is my photo album. Check it out and please leave comments.

To start here is a list of the projects I am involved in at the mo:

* The Resonance - the group, the ma
in source. Checkout our website and our MySpace . I try to check MySpace once a week. so feel free to drop us a line, have a listen and add us as a buddy. The Res's next gig is Sept16th a the Swan Basement in Fremantle W.Australia.

* Collab with The
Flutterby Dance Company. Ellen and I are working on the music and choreography for a piece. I hope to perform it with a decent PA system with serious subs. I want the audience to feel the movements through the subs.

* Currently doing a bit of production with a Belgian MC Killamatic. I can't find the link, but I'll put it up when I do. It's serious gangster rap in a Belgian styel (a bit of French and Dutch as well as English.

* Some of The Res music is being used by VJzoo on some of their projects.

* I am involved in a few Podcasts and Vidcasts that you can download for your MP3 player video player. The Overclocker Australia podcast theme at I am also collaboating on a video podcast being developed by TheTron of OCAU forum fame. Here is the site under development

* Also, I'm helping design and organize the Semikazi gig 'Kazino Royale' a bond themed gig on the 16th at the Swan Basement. Here is the poster I have done. The Res will be performing a heavy breaks version of Paul McCartney's 'Live & Let Die'. It rocks.

Ahh, there is more stuff, but those are the major projects in full swing. I will probably remember something majorly important that I forgot. Feel free to leave comments and point me to your own blogs.



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angel said...

i love you mostly because ur a nerd tt..

Angel for xmas photos..keep in mind its not done yet


Anonymous said...

i'm from chile.

i study english pedagogy anf well if you want know me here is my e-mail

bye bye

see you soon

Xavier said...

Yo Drillbit! or SUB freak works too...

Just saying what's up! Crazy busy like yourself... always lil projects eating up the time!

Keep tweaking those knobs or should I say clicking that mouse??

Speak soon


Anonymous said...

Mr. Trilby,

Now you have something extra in common with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who also recently started his blogging career).

Salaam a'Leikum.


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