Friday, August 18, 2006

Convergence Device, that's me.

Well, a few things have started to click together. I have put out the vibe to collaborate with other artists and I have had a bit too much success. Thankfully things have started to gel. I'm not sure if it will all happen, but I have a lot of enthusiasm from all involved. The concept started as a dance performance with Flutterby Productions. I would be composing music with the choreographer so the msuic seemed to come from the movements of the dancers (basically). Then I bumped into a reputable photographer who said he was wanting to shoot some moving bodies. Then a video producer said he wanted to do a video with me. So now I am trying to integrate all these into one. It could be wickid. A live dance performance with great lighting, being filmed professionally and shot pro with my music as a soundtrack to great passionate dance. It's a concept.

Here is a classic photo from my previous band the Audio Response Group (ARG). Res guitarist Paul Hines (Bass in ARG), guitarist Steve Hearne, Singer Devon Plumley and me. This shot would have been from about 2003, I think.

I have been trying to work out what this blog should be. I don't want to winge or dwell on sad thing. I want a space where I can jam my ideas. A perspective of where I'm at. Something I can look back on and get a big picture. A place where my inspiration hangs out. We will see.

Cheers. T

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LiquidVelvet said...

Hey, Trilby. So excited to hear that you're working on other projects, especially when ours (a pseudo-anime word-image-soundscape as yet to be topicked) is barely starting. You must be the hub of Perth's creative community.

Great start to the blog - keep up the good work. I like the big red business card - it has much more visual impact and rememberability.