Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mentally Extroverted

While I'm in the zone I thought I would add a new post. I have been awed by the effects of net communication in the last few days. It is enabling so many people to expand their lives in ways that until now have not been possible. Even if they are physicall introverted. A great example of this is geriatric1927's YouTube vidcast he posted this week about his life:

This is a good intro:

This one is a little more interesting and he mentions a Trilby hat. WooHoo:

I also find it fascinating how people can just randomly check out you blog or MySpace and get in touch with you. Like the Chillian girl who contacted me from the first post or the bands that relate to the music I do and send messages. I have had people requesting tours in their countries. It's a great mad world.

Here are my two fav designs for my new business cards. Also, it sound like the poster I did for the Semikazi gig (see previous post) is being made into postcards. So I may just post out a few out.

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