Sunday, August 27, 2006

p o d c a s t a b l a

More things are coming into place.

I have begun putting the OverclockersAustralia podcast together, working as their producer. This will enable them to get down to podcasting and give me a popular space to try out different sound ideas. I have already used some convolution reverb and spacialization to create a natural space (even though they in different parts of the country). I chose the Birdland Jazz Bar in New York as the OCAU space. In the future I may try backing music, new stings and themes and sound FX. The OverclockersAus crew seems to be getting more global. With the use of Skype people from all over the world are being involved in the show, live. It's definitely a new era. No satelite bullshit here. My latest edition18 should be here under podcast:

Balvinder Singh is a tabla/sitar player and producer that I have begun collaborating with. We plan on creating instrumental dub tracks, then getting a night together to play them. It's exciting stuff and we really connected on the type of things we wanted to do. I am excited to learn his perspective on writing rhythms and structuring tracks. He's cruisy, this should be fun. Check him out here:

I have also begun talks with a music manager dude. Again we seem to be on the same page with what we want and where we want to go. He is a big fan of the Res and sees lots of untapped potential. He has begun working on the website and bio. We are going to get a solid design style and look that truely represents the music. He was also excited about the Dub ideas with Balviner. more on him soon..

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